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Special Deals Or Promotions

Check Out Our Special Deals or Promotions Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, we will have special deals or promotions to see. Since we are going through the holiday season, we have some special deals or promotions for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We have greeting cards that come in a pack of eight for Thanksgiving. For Christmas, we have many items people will be interested in the holidays that can be most useful. We have face masks for the holidays that have "Joy to the World" written on them. The other one says what Christmas should be about is "love and peace." The two traveling mugs we have available both have "Joy to the World" written on them with Christmas wreaths in place of the letter "O." Last, we have two sets of Christmas cards with Christmas settings on the covers, and both come in packs of eight. One has "Joy to the World" written on it, and the other has "Create love, peace, and joy."

Drinkware online can be found on our website listed under the shop section. We have different options from singles to sets. The prices are ranging from $22.00 to $98.00. What we have to choose from are some of our best sellers. There is the stainless steel water bottle, stainless steel coffee tumbler, stainless steel wine tumbler, stainless steel large tumbler, and the whole drinkware collection set of four, consisting of all four items together. The drinkware online has beautiful flowers as designs painted on the drinkware and are made for peaceful settings. All who feast their eyes on these items will want them for their own, and they also make great gifts. Those who love to drink water or drink wine will appreciate these items.

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