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Face Masks

Keeping Positive Thoughts with the Face Masks

Since everyone must wear face masks during the pandemic of COVID-19, we may as well have some positive thoughts and words. Others may be with designs that are inspiring or look good to us. Face masks are required to go out in public places where social distancing is not able to happen. Other locations need them no matter what. The CDC guidelines state face masks will help stop the coronavirus spread, so it is up to those who can wear face masks to comply as good citizens to do their part. Some cannot wear a face mask due to health reasons, and since we are spreading words of inspiration, we should not judge others because we do not know what they are going through. We want to keep the focus on love, peace, and joy. Eventually, we will all get through this pandemic, and it will all be behind us.

So for all of the face masks for sale, we have something for everyone. The most popular designs we have for men are camouflage; others have black and white patterns. Women have camouflage too. They also have different color designs along with words of inspiration like "Joy to the world," "Create love," and "Love and peace." Other designs look like small colorful circle patterns that can be worn by men and women. There is one with a lady with a flower in her hair painted on the front. All face masks for sale are fitted, and the prices are from $8.00 to $10.00. Some are made with polyester; others are mixed fabric, and some are fitted, while others are regular fabric. Since everyone is asked to wear a mask, there may as well be something nice to have on them and wear something stylish and comfortable for a low price.

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