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Inspiration Icon

Check Out Our Inspirational Paintings For Sale and Be Amazed

Jean Amour Couture offers an inspiration icon in creativity within every design product we sell. An inspiration icon we enjoy using the most is those dealing with love. With the holidays around the corner, we can find people shopping for Christmas gifts to stack under the tree. We have everything a person would want to share in inspiration for one another. Every inspiration icon is a collectible item and can be enjoyed by loved ones as thoughtful gifts. Everything in our online store is under $100.00 and has a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs for most products. Either with words of wisdom or love, every item speaks with inspirational words or designs on them. We encourage everyone to look at all we offer and share the website with their family and friends. Everyone can spread some inspiration and joy; after all, we have been through this year in 2020.

Our inspirational paintings for sale offer kind and passionate words along with beautiful, peaceful pictures of flowers, butterflies, storks, people in love, sunrises, plants, and other cool items that people can be inspired with happy thoughts. The prices for the inspirational paintings for sale has a range from $45 to $95, which is a fair price for the beautiful artwork we create and sell. Some of the words that are written to inspire people are "Embrace grace," "Create love, peace, and joy," "Be your own kind of beautiful," and "Thankful, grateful, blessed." Those are the newest inspirational paintings for sale that were recently created. Others are oil paintings on a canvas, beautiful pictures of a flamingo, a couple dancing in the street, a sunrise with sunflowers, and people in love holding each other. We have others that have sold quickly and are no longer available but are still listed to show others, so when they are back in stock, we can continue to sell them at the earliest date possible.

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