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My name is Jean Pioso.

I live in ‘sunny’ San Diego where my small family resides. In general, I’m a very busy woman. I'm a MSW, ACSW, a full-time military social worker/case manager, a US military Ombudsman, an entrepreneur, and manager of my son’s book series: LANDON The Superhero of the Worlds, A Race to Save the Human Race, and Dracus. My son wrote and illustrated his first book when he was 9 years old and was published when he was 10. His second book was released when he was in middle school, and his third book was done when he was a freshman in high school. I am very blessed and grateful to have a son, who is now a junior in high school. My friends and family say I’m very creative & so passionate about LOVE and that’s why my website is called Jean Amour Couture as my work always comes first with pure love. Amour means Love in French.

Aside from painting, I also enjoy cooking, baking, taking pictures and making videos, doing yoga, and making healthy candles! :)   

​I hope you will find something in here that you would LOVE or something that can help you relax and put you in a good mood.

For tips and promotions or stay on top of my latest creations, please check out my social media accounts and subscribe. :)


You are free to contact me anytime. Please e-mail me with your questions and connect with me anytime at any of my social media accounts below.  


Facebook: Jean Amour

Instagram: Love Artist Jean

YouTube: Jean Pioso




Jean Pioso
Jean Pioso
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