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This painting is very special to me. This is when I discovered my first love, my first love of painting. I called this My First Love in Paris as the location looks similar to those restaurants or bars in Paris. It was my birthday, first time celebrating my birthday here in San Diego since we moved in. I decided to buy a glass of wine so I went to a winery. I saw this beautiful wine on display, and then I bought it. I bought it not because of the wine itself, but it's the drawing on it. I said to myself, "I can paint it." I didn't go home without it and bought a set of basic paint brushes, oil paint, and one canvas. I didn't even cook when I got home, instead, I started painting. My son was surprised as he never saw me paint before.

I discovered my new first love. Discover yours too! Who knows, when you buy this product, you will also discover something amazing or fall in love again.


Xoxo~ Jean

My First Love in Paris

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