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Original Sold

At six o'clock in the morning, the sun shines through our blinds in the living room. The whole painting was what I saw outside our patio. Notice the details on the mountains, my son, Titus when he was eight years old, discovered a woman facing down from the stunning sunrise after saying good morning and I love you to me. We were always alone, so I thought our day would be as bright as the sun out side our patio, so I told him, "Today, we will shine like sun outside our patio and bloom like the sun flowers."

I'm being silly, I know! It's okay to be silly sometimes so we won't be stress and look old, right?

Thank you and I love you!

P.S. The best part of this painting it has a solid wood handcrafted frame. So it will last a lifetime.


Xoxo~ Jean

Shine like the Amazing Sunrise and Bloom like the Sun Flower

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